Soesterberg Air Base



The Air Base



Fotografisch eerbetoon aan de oudste vliegbasis in Nederland. De bakermat van de Nederlandse Militaire Luchtvaart.

In honor of the oldest Air Force Base in the Netherlands. The cradle of Dutch Military Aviation.

Diverse types vliegtuigen hebben in de loop van al die jaren Soesterberg als hun basis gehad. Tot eind 2008 waren dat nog 3 types helikopters verdeeld over 298 en 300 squadron. Respectievelijk de Chinook, de Cougar en de Alouette III.

During decades Soesterberg was the home base of several different types of aircraft. Until the end of 2008 3 types of helicopters still operated from the air base, which were the Alouette III and the Cougar of 300 sq. and also the Chinook of 298 sq.

32 TFS " Wolfhounds "


Tevens 40 jaar lang (1954 -1994) "Home of the Wolfhounds" van het 32 Tactical Fighter squadron van de USAFE op "Camp New Amsterdam".

During a period of almost 40 years (1954-1994) Soesterberg was also the "Home of the Wolfhounds" of the 32TFS of the USAFE, operating out of "Camp New Amsterdam".

Beginnend met de F-86 " Sabre" werd achtereen volgens gevlogen met de F-100 "Super Sabre", de F-102 "Delta Dagger", de F-4 "Phantom" en vanaf 1978 met de F-15 "Eagle".

Starting with the F-86 "Sabre" the 32TFS respectively flew with the F-100 "Super Sabre", the F-102 "Delta Dagger", the F-4 "Phantom" and from 1978 on with the F-15 "Eagle".

Wolfhound mascotte



CNA nowadays


Sinds Soesterberg gesloten is als vliegbasis, is dit gedeelte het enige dat nog in gebruik is door defensie. Het is genoemd CNA in navolging van vroegere tijden, toen dit gedeelte het domein was van de USAFE.


Since the closure of Soesterberg as an air base, the remaining part used by the defense forces has been renamed CNA as a tribute to the times when the USAFE was present in this corner of the base.

Soesterberg Tower









North Gate


South Gate

Monument for the fallen fellow servicemen





Pavilion 'gebouw 45'


Hangar 8

                                                   Oldest hangar still in existance.

Officiers Casino Soesterberg


Base Chapel


Soesterberg American High School


                                                                      @ thanks to Mario

Former US housing Apollo


Open gate to the Alert area

Shelter area north entrance

Shelter area "Camp New Amsterdam"

"TAB VEE" Shelters

Aircraft shelter F-15 era

Aircraft shelter F-4 era

Empty taxi tracks

Shelter area North

Relics from the past

Doors open


Inside the shelter

Shelter art work

Eagle painting

Wall painting




Maintenance hangar


"Zulu alert" hangar

Close up hangar door

"Eagles' nest"

Atlantic on the check ramp close to CNA

Low over the highway

Approach runway 27

Low Flying Aircraft


At the spottershill

Almost touchdown


Over the taxitrack, like in the good old times

Runway mid section

A crowded flightline

A familiar sight for years

The last F-15 on the ramp, as it used to be

View over the air base

Winter time

Night time


Base operations Dutch side

The first sign of the closure at hand

Stairway to...heaven?

Helicopter hangars

Heli spot

X service

Tow bar

Visitors platform

Soesterberg Lat /Long

Line up for take off

Ready for take off


Touch down zone

ILS runway 27



Radar and windsock




Green light


Air Base Vehicles





Nightfall over Soesterberg


Eagle 32 TFS

Cougar 300 SQ

Chinook 298 SQ

Alouette 300 SQ


The "Amsterdamse Club Voor Zweefvliegen"



Good Bye Soesterberg AB

Nationaal Militair Museum

Emergency command and control center


Ammunition depots

Fuel depot

Emergency shelter


Modern sheepfold

Resistance Execution Ground

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